Technical description

Drive unit, based on a combination of Japanese/Chinese motor hardware design and Czech electronics as controller hardware/software, including model GSGI with gear position indication. Drive unit is deeply integrated with a new generation of model GSGI with gear shifting indication.


This unique technical solution allows:

Variable time of motor torque reduction while shifting is performed on the basis of current gear position and specified time parameters related to pre set pedalling cadence (inserted via display) in combination with system data collecting (difference between pre set and current pedalling cadence).

Optional power reducing level (inserted via display) while shifting, which allows rider choose sportive or touring riding/shifting style.

Recommend to the rider optimal moment to change the gear position, based on the optimal usage of the electric motor's efficiency combined with other data collected from the system.

Present information about the mechanical gear shifting position on the display screen represented by a number.

Motors are designed for different e-bike applications, as CTB, MTB, ROAD/GRAVEL and FOLD. We provide chainlines for double chainwheel including MTB and road racing as well. Motor allows frame geometry with standard chain stay length, and various horizontal angles. This drive unit use sensorless sinusoidal field oriented control controller.

The modular specification system allows the customer to select specific components such as motors, displays, chainwheel, etc. In this way, the specification can be compiled according to their individual requirements. The customer can create the final specification by selecting the following optional items:

C17 - 167,18 mm x 252,07 mm, 3,8 kg
C18 - 145,84 mm x 221,3 mm, 3,0 kg 
rated power 250W / 36V / torque 80Nm
with torque sensor
single or double chainwheel by SAMOX
plastic motor covers half or full size. Supplied in black version
three types of displays

Unique functions

- Variable time of motor torque reduction while shifting.
- Gear shifting recommendation.
- Information about the gear position shown on the display.




- Battery 2 poles, display, speedsensor, lights 6V, one or two gearsensors, throttle.


- VHD-C17G, center display, gear position calibration, shifting parameters input, gear change recommendation and gear position on screen
- VHD-S18-LCD-BT, side LCD display with integrated control buttons, gear position calibration, shifting parameters input, COMP DRIVES smart phone application via Bluetooth
- RM-1, side display, works independently, or with COMP DRIVES smart phone application via Bluetooth


- model GSGI with gear indication function, for rear and front shifting system
- Speed sensor
- Cable harness
- Frame motor bracket, material alloy 6061
- Drive units exclude battery
- Smart phone application
- Chainrings and crank arms by SAMOX