COMP DRIVES presents C19

COMP DRIVES představuje nový motor C19
Published by Jack Oortwijn on 11 Jun 2019

COMP Drives  Presents E-Road Motor System

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LETOHRAD, Czech Republic – The company that is producing gear sensors for e-bike systems ( stepped two years ago into the offering of complete drive systems with the C17 and C18 drive units. Agentura Repro is still manufacturing the gearsensor and set up a new company called COMP drives s.r.o. for the production of the drive system.

COMP Drives  Presents E-Road Motor System
All new C19 super compact mid-motor features improved shifting performance, gear recommendation and gear indication function by GSGI sensor. – Photo COMP drives

This new company is now presenting the mid-motor C19 which is targeting e-Road models. Like all previous models of COMP Drives it offers significantly improved shifting performance through the software integration of the unique gearsensor with gear indication function (GSGI).

COMP drives is a company located in Letohrad, Czech Republic. It’s a supplier of in-house developed mid-drive units. The team that is behind this company has a long history in the bicycle and e-bike business. It includes two professional road racers. This background in bicycles is contextual for the development of new COMP products. In particular the new C19 drive unit called for the experience of the former pro road racers during its R&D phases.

3rd mid-motor C19 of COMP Drives maker features optimized and intelligent  gear shifting functions

C17 and C18 mid-motors

The C17 and C18 mid-motors by COMP Drives are designed for different e-bike applications like City Bikes, MTB, Road/Gravel as well as folding bikes. These have chain-lines for double chainwheels targeting the MTB segments as well as road racing. The COMP mid-motors allow for frame geometry with standard chain stay lengths. These speed and torque sensored 250W/36V or 48V motors capable of 80 Nm peak power weigh 3.8kgs. Next to the torque and speed sensors the COMP drives also offer the GSGI sensor providing for torque reduction while shifting. GSGI also features gear shifting recommendation as well as indicated gear position on display.

New: C19

The all new COMP C19 finds its roots in the current e-bike trends. One of these upcoming trends is in electric road racers. For COMP drives that meant that its new C19 for all had to be small. But next to that of equal importance are factors like low weight, high level of frame integration, full compatibility with all shifting systems, high level of communication covering shifting optimization even with a double chainwheel, a smart phone App as well the elimination of mechanical motor resistance at speeds of over 25km/h when the pedal assistance function stops.

C19 capabilities

Like the C17 and C18 COMP mid-motors also the C19 comes in 36 and 48 voltages. Maximum power stands at 60Nm at 250W and weight at 2.5kgs without chainwheel. The C19 mid-motor is to be located in the frame down tube allowing for the highest level of frame integration thanks to its extremely small dimensions. Short rear stays as required by classic road racing designs are possible. All shifting/brake/drive unit cables can be hidden inside the motor bracket and frame down tube. All existing chain line standards can be used with for road racing double chainwheel. The chainline for e-road is 45mm. The C19 low noise mid-motor also allows for other than e-Road applications like for MTBs with single and double chainwheel 50 and 52mm; for city bikes with internal gear hubs (IGH) 46,5 and 48,5mm as well as Fat bikes 65 and 75mm. ISIS BB axle length stands at 136mm; Q factor in wide range 160mm (crank arms off set 0mm)/ 170mm / 178mm / 186mm / 220 mm (depend crank arm off set).

COMP Drives will launch its new C19 super compact mid-motor at next September’s Eurobike show at the company’s booth (A1-510). However, OEMs that want to test ride the C19 that’s possible already (from end of May onwards). Mass production will start in the first or second quarter of 2020.