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Comp Drive Systems presents the ultra-compact C19 motor for e-bikes 

Comp Drive Systems C19


Comp Drive Systems is a company in the Czech Republic owned by Agentura Repro, the company behind gearsensor.com, the intelligent sensor for the C17 and C18 e-bike engines. Why create a new brand? For the debut of the new C19 , an ultra-compact and almost invisible central engine specially designed to meet the needs of future e-bikers, especially ideal for road bikes.

The C19 engine is designed to provide electric bicycle manufacturers with the highest level of bottom bracket integration. This compact unit is 64 mm wide and weighs 2.5 kg, has a power of 250W with a torque of 60 Nm and reaches a maximum speed of 25km / h. The company does not make the battery because it does not want to limit the e-bike designers who will be free to choose the different types of 36V or 48V.

Comp Drive Systems C19 -1

The engine is compatible with single-crown or double-crown transmissions and is equipped with a system that eliminates mechanical resistance at speeds above 25 km / h, where assisted pedaling stops.

Also the C19 will be equipped with the GSGI gearsensor device , which is able to recognize the gear position through the gearbox cable (also for hub changes) and the front derailleur, It is a type of sensor that does not exactly interrupt the motor, but uses the variable time to reduce the motor torque when moving the gear. The gearshift parameters can be preset via the display in combination with the system data collection, in this way the gear used can be shown on the display.

GSGI Gearsensor

Comp Drive Systems will present the new C19 engine at the 2019 Eurobike to be held next September. The company plans to start mass production during the first half of 2020, even if it already offers test drives to any interested manufacturer.

More info: www.compdrives.com